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How Technology Is Impacting Management of the Independent Workforce

quinta-feira dezembro 8, 2022

Technology is reshaping talent acquisition and the staffing industry as a whole. Today, we can access business intelligence t...

Why a Strong Contingent Workforce Can Help Weather a Recession 

quinta-feira dezembro 8, 2022

Economic downturns happen. History tells us periods of highs and lows are part of life, and it’s up to us to ride the waves...

Lessons From Best-In-Breed Providers in Boeing’s Contingent Workforce Program

quinta-feira dezembro 8, 2022

People2.0 hosted the case-study session at the 2022 SIA CWS Summit called, “Taking Flight: How Boeing and Best-of-Breed Pro...

4 Steps to Building a Winning Contingent Workforce Program

sexta-feira novembro 11, 2022

Creating solutions that help you plan ahead to remain in compliance can come down to selecting the right AOR partner. Failure...

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